Zhoushan Xiaao Tourist Commodity Development Co.,Ltd.

ZHOUSHANXiaao Tourist Commodity Development Co.,Ltd.(the Xiaao Inc.) is a subsidiary of CMC Zhujiajian Zhujiajian Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd., Zhujiajian Town Asset Management Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Co., Ltd. and triple Business Co., Ltd. joint venture set up, consisting of an integrated, R & D, marketing, frame craft workshop and sand Art Studio, is a sand sculpture as the leading product of tourist souvenir production, supply and integration of enterprise products. Company King would like to: point of sand into gold embrace the sun - with passion and creativity to interpret the marine culture and the glory of art! Summer Games brings together the company's separate ways tourist souvenirs produced sand sculpture expert, small sand brother is one of the representatives. Starting from the first sand sculpture festival, a small sand area brothers began to set foot in sand sculpture, sand sculpture become Zhoushan local expert to participate in numerous domestic and international competitions and won several important international competitions, the better ranking, then a sand sculpture world of international well-known hand-carved. At the same time, the company has hired Vice President of China Academy of Design Professor Wei Tianyu Shanghai and other artists as a senior creative director and senior adviser. China Academy of Art, Zhoushan City Artists Association, Sand Sculpture Association, Triad business companies, or to give professional guidance, or directly assist in the development.

Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Company LTD.
Address:70th DaTong Road. Zhujiajian, Putuo Zhoushan, Zhejiang, China